The Project is a grassroots project launched by a group of concerned Canadians to bring awareness and relief to those in need around the world.


Winter/Spring, 2014: Help4Burma Project
We want to raise awareness and support for the Rohingya Muslims being oppressed and slaughtered by Buddhist monks in Myannamar. We seek to empower Canadians to ask our government to put pressure on the Myannamar government to stop the killing and the atrocities being committed against these unfortunate people.
Summer, 2013: Help4Syria Project Project: Empowering Canadians to Help those in Need around the World

How to Donate

We would request that you donate Manually or through our Online Donation so we can most accurately track the funds raised for this project.

We have partnered with Islamic Relief Canada who has staff on the ground in Jordan. 100% of your donated funds will be given directly to Islamic Relief Canada (CCRA# 821896875RR0001) and you will receive an income tax receipt directly from their office.

MANUAL DONATION (Cheque or Credit Card):

Download and Print Donation Form here, complete it and mail it along with your cheque (Payable to "Islamic Relief Canada: Help4Syria Project" to:

Help4Syria Project. 150 Brant Avenue, Brantford, Ontario. N3T3H7

Online Donation

Click here to make an Online Donation through our website. You will receive an income tax donation from Islamic Relief Canada.

Direct Donation to Islamic Relief Canada

To ensure that your donation amount is properly tracked through our project and that it is used to help the orphans, children and women for this project, please ensure that "HELP4SYRIA Project" is entered in the donation comments when making your donation.

Donate directly through Islamic Relief Canada

150 Brant Avenue, Brantford, Ontario. N3T3H7. CANADA





Good News Ticker! 

Thank you to our donors!! Help4Syria Project exceeds fundraising target of $100,000 - nearly $115,000 raised!!

Brantford Orthodontics clinic donates 1,000 toothbrushes for children in Zaatari camp.

Seven Star Sports, Hamilton-area sports supply company donates 20 soccer balls.

Hillfield-Strathallan College Students raise $250 for Syrian refugees.

This activity will be facilitated by Islamic Relief Canada
CCRA Reg. No. 821896875RR0001
All donations are tax deductible.